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Location: Crossways Farm Village, EC, RSA

Completed: Ongoing

the approach

At the forefront of development planning in Southern Africa, Crossways Farm Village was conceptualised and designed with food security, rural development, rural community development and environment top of mind and is a forerunner of new ruralism in South Africa.

Situated in the Eastern Cape between Port Elizabeth and Jeffrey’s Bay, The Crossways Farm development is based on and built around three fundamental principles of land use that honour and ensures conservation, agricultural and human habitat co-existing in harmony and flourishing simultaneously. 

As with all CMAI's  development planning projects, Crossways Farm is designed as a walkable community around the needs and wants of the residents and their immediate environment. Roads are minimal, ensuring loads of pedestrian-friendly routes and walkways.

All home plans and designs allow residents to live an autonomous life, independent from municipal services and Municipal regulations and bylaws. Solar hot water heating is compulsory. So is rainwater harvesting and controlling and monitoring of other power usage by means of smart meters. Being a home owner at Crossways Farm Village affords you the opportunity to truly live a sustainable lifestyle with a variety of home and stand sizes to choose from.

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