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Location: Montagu, WC, RSA

Completed: On the drawing board

the approach

CMAI Architects Incorporated was appointed to do a Master Plan towards the development of a new Integrated Agri-Village outside the town of MontaguCMAI’s approach to such developments are based on creating Enduring: Economic;   Socio-Cultural; Environmental and Sensory Value. 

Continued urbanization increases extreme financial and social burdens on our society. These include over-population, pollution, lack of infrastructure services and over-utilization of natural resources and escalating property prices and costs of living. 

The World Economic Forum acknowledges and supports the growing trend and imperative to “de-urbanize” to combat the negative impacts of urbanization.

A solution to address the negative impacts of urbanization, is the establishment of contemporary rural villages.  These are integrated, sustainable rural villages where residents live a life in balance with nature, minimizing consumption and maximizing the resources available for the best and healthiest lifestyle possible.  This solution is the revival of an age-old concept where communities live close to fertile agricultural land for the daily need of the freshest food possible, and a maximum of open, green spaces to enjoy for recreation and wellbeing.

The establishment of a contemporary rural village is based on five (5) principles:
•    Agricultural production & Food Security;
•    Rural Development;
•    Poverty Alleviation, Job Creation and Economic Development;
•    Integrated Sustainable Human Settlement; and 
•    Biodiversity Conservation.

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