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Crossways Farm Village


House Rhino is a first of its kind, revolutionary 450 m2 green house built on a 1100 m2 stand in Crossways Farm Village. Completely off the grid, House Rhino was designed and built using cutting edge green technology and materials.

Part of this house was built using Aruba blocks – ensuring speedy construction time and an advanced insulation solution due to Aruba blocks’ insulation properties. Cooling and heating of the house is achieved ergonomically via underfloor heating by means of solar heated and stored water and an external thermal tower that extracts warm air and piped underfloor water cooling respectively, resulting in reduced insulation requirements.

House Rhino is powered by roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panels with extra panels supplying power to the pool pump during the day.

Other cutting edge green architectural measures featured in House Rhino includes advanced energy saving techniques by means of LED lighting; energy saving taps; double glazed windows; gas cooking from recycled organic waste to name but a few.

The driveway is made from ‘Hydromedia’, a permeable concrete that ensures rainwater drains immediately and is captured to be utilised efficiently with the water recycling process.

Visit the official Crossways Farm Village site for more information on House Rhino by clicking here.

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